Sunday, February 08, 2009


Less than 1mm (0.039 inch), but rain none the less! Marty went to an SES training session this morning, and I told him I'd attach the taps to the water tanks if it did rain. So, of course it did rain and I ran around attaching taps. Only problem was, I cross-threaded one of them, and couldn't undo it. Not wanting to loose any rain we could possibly get into the tanks, I rushed down to the local hardware store, and they solved my problem using a vice. Argh! Don't tell Marty!! :)

Most of the plumbing has been completed with the tanks - the only remaining thing is to attach the last two tanks to each other. That will have to wait until the store opens again on Monday. This is how the front looks now - a little messy and ugly, but it's only temporary!

We'll leave it like this until we know for sure that all the sections are glued properly and water isn't leaking anywhere. Then we'll cover it all over and paint it. It'll look nice again!

Most of the trees look like it's Autumn - although the leaves are actually burnt, and the trees are dropping them prematurely. We're a little worried we could loose some of the bigger ones including this one, and the rose bush we were going to transplant to Mum's house this winter.

The rains brought out some beetles and I caught this skink making the most of the situation. :)

Stay safe and here's hoping for much more rain and cooler weather.

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