Friday, February 06, 2009

Spartagus is back!

I think Spartagus likes his new friends (or, maybe the extra watering and attention they bring) - he's grown two new spears!

Looks tasty, but we won't be eating any of Spartagus until next spring. For now, he can enjoy being with his basil buddies and grow strong and healthy for next season.

Oh, and guess who else is back? The plumber! This one seems trustworthy - even showing up on time! Of course, the weather people have taken away the rain that was due on my Birthday (damn weather people!) so we're not sure when we'll see the tanks in action. It can't stay dry all year. :)

Yesterday, two very generous people Marty met through the local SES lent us their tandem trailer - so we spent last night filling it up ready for a trip to the tip! It looks as though it'll take quite a few trailer loads to get all the rubble taken away. Next time, we'll have a trailer available before we remove any more concrete floors. ;)

Until next time!

1 comment:

  1. Spartagus is a true gladiator among plants. Glad to see he is doing so well.

    I am also happy about the plumber. Now lets all pray to the weather gods of rain.