Friday, March 20, 2009

Kitchen floor breathes again

I just wanted to share the pictures of the kitchen floor! See, our vacuum cleaner died a few days ago - it even made the electrical safety switch shut the power off - so today we took a trip to Ballarat and got a nice shiny new one.. a commercial one!

This should help keep the renovation dust down a little!

Aside from that, when we got home tonight, one of the doors stopped closing properly (as usual during the cooler months) because the floors are warping underneath the lino in the kitchen. We've been wanting to pull-up the lino for a while now, so we took the opportunity tonight!

Of course, we tested out the new vacuum cleaner for the first time as well. It worked wonderfully! Hopefully the floors will right themselves a little now they can breathe again. Then, we'll use linseed oil on them and I bet they turn out as nice as the bathroom floor did.

Until next time!


  1. Just what you needed an industrial strength vacuum. That should help with all your reno dust.

    And those beautiful wood floors you discovered. Why would anyone ever cover them up. I just love all the old stuff you are bringing back to life. Keep up the good work.

  2. I must read more carefully one day as we are having similar problems. Our lounge door at the new house swells I think, I must ask my husband. It is because of the damp in the house in general. The pest guy puts a meter on the house to test dampness. I am guessing when you took the panelling away and fixed up the mouse access the gap was sealed to the floor? That should help, we had to do that. When we found more gaps the other day it was making dampness in the kitchen, so when we fix that, it should help. Your fixed leaky pipe should help too.

    We used tung oil in the lounge and dining, loved it. Such a modern colour as well. We have a vac like that and use it for similar things.