Thursday, March 19, 2009

Plodding along..

Firstly, an updated picture of the front yard now the plumbing has been buried.

Of course, there's always another project on-the-go, so it never stays "nice" for long. ;) We are continuing making the garden bed using old roof tiles, but we needed to remove a concreted-in pole.

Lots of sweat and effort later, we finally removed it - and, not for the first time, curse concrete and everything it stands for. :p

Note to anyone considering using concrete to secure posts in the ground - PLEASE DON'T! (Unless it's a fence or a gate of course..)

So, we've nearly finished the garden bed. We're now adding lots of manure and compost to the poor quality sandy soil. It's now holding water and looking much better.. but there's more work to be done.

The vegetables are all doing well. These broccoli have had a few bites taken from the leaves - so I've put down some eggshells to help keep the white moths away. It seems to be helping.

The white inside the eggshells is suppose to make the moths think there is already a moth in the area, and being territorial, they won't bother landing. (Well, that's the idea.) I used it successfully with the beetroot, but I'm not sure if the beetroot were a big target anyway.

The peas and the snowpeas are up and at 'em. Marty keeps the weeds down.

The sunflowers are fully open, but they're not moving with the sun. One is "stuck" in an easterly direction while the other is "stuck" facing west.

This single carrot has survived the earwigs of spring and the ground being dug over for the beetroot.. it's our largest carrot, and it happens to be a Purple Dragon! They say beetroot and carrot don't get on well, but this one is proving them all wrong.

Speaking of beetroot.. check this out!

The corn is still flowering, and as you can see, the flower spikes are not much taller than I am. I don't think we'll get any corn kernels develop, but they still look great, and they'll add to the compost when their time is up.

The flowers make everything look 100 times nicer. We'll be growing these again next year for sure!

We've since removed the old and very ugly rose "tree" from the last of the garden beds out the front, and we're planning on planting a green manure crop there over winter, in preparation for all the spring veggies we have planned. :)

Until next time!

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  1. Farmers Marty and Manda, Good work on the gardens. I'm happy to see some of your veggies are producing. I'm sure next spring will be better due to experience. The flowers are beautiful. And you two are getting downright skinny from all your hard work.