Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It's greening up

It's been too long since I last showed what's been happening around the house and garden - so I thought I'd do a general update tonight. We've been pottering around doing odd jobs lately, so nothing too exciting!

We can only hope that these are flax / linseed plants! I can't find a good picture online of what they are suppose to look like at this stage, but we're weeding out as much of the other grasses and weeds as we can - and keeping ones that look like this.

By the looks of it, we'll soon find out what these little plants are.

Broccoli is coming along nicely. There are 2 out of the 3 plants that have grown large. I think I planted them too close together though. We've been overly generous with the well matured horse manure, and this morning I gave them a little sulphate of potash too.

The flower heads are just starting to appear. Hey, I didn't notice that big green caterpillar on there when I took the photo!! See how well they hide? Marty and I check them daily for bugs and aphids.

The peas and snow peas are going crazy and flowering. It feels like only yesterday I was covering the new seedlings with shade-cloth to protect them from the too hot weather.

We've left some of the purple king beans on the dying bushes to collect the seed for next year.

The newly planted peas on the ex-potato cages are just starting to poke-through the soil. You just can't have enough peas!

Here's a half-finished project - this is a water tank buried over an old (unused!) septic tank. We dug out the weeds and have thrown some of the Beneficial Bug Blend on it. Both flowers (I hope) and weeds have come up nicely - but I'm only half way through pulling out the weeds.

The big tree has lost many of its autumn leaves, but we're not going to rake them all up. The trees suffered during last summer, so the thinking here is that the leaves will help provide some much needed nourishment for them to recover over winter and next spring. This picture also shows the new water-tank garden bed. It's not yet filled, and we're still considering where to put it - but it's cut, painted and the sharp edge is covered by plastic pipe.

The lettuce bed is still going strong - we've put more Beneficial Bug Blend seeds into the garden bed around it. We're both looking forward to the winter flowering plants that will hopefully germinate.

We havn't had much rain lately (although, we're expecting some on Friday), but we've been using the water from the tanks since it did rain. We havn't used town water for the garden once since then! That'll save us a little money off the bill - and it means we can water whatever we want, whenever we want to. (Stawell is still on Stage 4 restrictions.)

We're looking forward to eating some parsley soon - and we've been lucky to have all the oregano we could ever want. :)

The chest-freezer garden bed is doing great! I finally got rid of the weeds (once I'd identified them, that is) and now the bok choy and other seedlings are going crazy.

Here's just a small selection of bricks found in the soil when we were planting trees. They're everywhere! Also, the local magpies are great. They're a bit like having wild chooks - but without the eggs. ;)

We're trying to get organised with the wood storage. Marty and I knocked-up this wood storage in an afternoon. Now we just need some proper wood!

Did anyone say bricks? :)
We've been collecting these whole bricks for a long while now - I think there's just about enough for a BBQ next summer. haha!

Here is the pile of broken bricks we have yet to deal with. We've got a few ideas on what to do with them.. you'll have to wait and see!

Until next time!

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  1. Your veggies are looking good. When does winter start there?