Friday, May 15, 2009

Stone and windows

I don't have any photos for you today.. but yesterday we ordered the stone for the hearth in the kitchen for the Baker's Oven to go onto. We are lucky enough to have 3 stone masons in town to choose from - we chose a black piece with brown patches on it. We're hoping it will help blend the wood floors to the black tiles we have in mind (but not yet ordered). They'll cut it to size for us, deliver and install it! It will be ready sometime after Wednesday, so we're considering the timeline to get the base of the fireplace ready.

We finally got the courage to start the windows in the garage/shed. We've never made windows before, but the old ones have rotted away so much that a heavy rain comes through. Marty started last week by taking apart the old window and brought some new wood to replace it with. We then took one piece of wood to the local joinery company to shave off one edge to help the rain run off the windowsill rather than it sit and rot.

Today we borrowed a power saw, and cut the bottom windowsill to size - it fits! We cut a trench underneath it to accommodate for an electrical wire that is there (we're not sure why the electrics are on the bottom of the window, but we'll just work with it being there!). Having done that right we feel more confident about doing even more tomorrow. Since it's raining, it's a good chance to do indoor stuff.

I'll post some pictures of the continuing work tomorrow.

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  1. You two amaze me. Is there nothing you won't tackle? Good luck on the windows. I'm sure with your can-do spirit you will figure it out.