Thursday, May 28, 2009

Oh, what a week.

Where did the week go?? Last weekend we did some work at a busy-bee for the SES.. Monday rained like we've never seen before! A massive 55.2mm (2.1 inches) that completely filled the last two tanks and half filled the first tank. (The first tank only collects rain from a small area of the roof.) The good news is that the house didn't leak at all - except some rain down the chimney - the roof and floor in the kitchen remained dry!

Tuesday we worked on the window some more.. I think that's when we turned the compost heap too.. Wednesday I had a chiropractors appointment and I planted some broccoli into toilet rolls while Marty did yet more work to the window.. and today Marty dug a trench for a new telephone line for the shed while I planted 3 more pots of chives...

This is a pic of the bamboo structure we put up yesterday for some more snow peas to climb all over.

The broccoli is ready (if a little early) for picking. It's been a bit warm lately, so I'm told that is why the heads are a little "loose"..

Marty's new trench!

We're nearly done with the window! Marty cleaned-up the louvres, cleaning off the small spots of rust and repainting them with a corrosion-proof metal paint. We've given each piece of wood at least 2 coats of paint, and even painted some of the shed wall too. Nearly done!!

We'll be glad to get the window done so we can move onto the next. The next one should go much quicker since we have everything we need now! Assuming, that is, there are no other distractions. :)


  1. I'm glad to see you back. I was starting to wonder about you. Thats nice that your rain barrels are about full. And nice too that the shed is about done. Nice to see a pic of Marty too. Hi Marty:)

  2. Those windows are looking great. Peace of mind knowing the rotting wood has been removed now. You guys will get there and have them all done, ready for use for another 100 years or so.

    My broccoli didn't make it past the slugs this year. Planted some more to see how they go. I've squished a few slugs in the process.

    The frequent rain is a Godsend too - we haven't struggled with our garden for years since. The rain always seems to show up just in time to fill the tanks again. It's amazing how you forget what green looks like - then suddenly you're surrounded by it. Beautiful stuff!

  3. It would be lovely to get some rain. Fingers crossed for today. I planted broccoli too, but it has been so warm that I think it will struggle.

    Lovely to see your progress around the house. Good work guys!