Saturday, May 16, 2009

Window pics

Marty and I did some more on the window today. We're basically recreating what was already there.



We still want to linseed oil and paint the wood before fitting the glass back in place, but we're just happy that we've come this far!

We hope to do even more tomorrow - but we also have that fireplace to deal with. It may be the weather that decides what we do next, because we don't want to go climbing onto the roof in the rain!

Until next time!


  1. The window frame looks great. Just like the pro's would do it. Thanks for the pics of you two. You look proud of your work. As well you should. peek-a-boo Marty :)

  2. One of the first jobs in our house was the laundry window, it has louvres too.

    Sometimes we use car bog for wood with holes, apparently it is quite acceptable and doesn't come out.