Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bakers Oven

Finally we have a spare moment to update you on our progress! This last week has been quite busy. We got our first two customers for the business! We also spent quite some time getting the stone hearth to try and fit. Marty's look in this photo says it all: "I've moved this stone a million times!"

It took nearly a whole day's work on Monday just to get the hearth area flat. I used a lime mortar mix and got it pretty flat by hand. When we tried the stone today, it moved around - so we used a flat board to scrape the high points down a little. It worked wonderfully! The hearth area couldn't be much flatter. Only problem was, the stone itself isn't quite flat, so it still moved around. Some creative scraping and filling later..

Ta Da! I swear, we were about to go crazy just before it finally fit perfectly! ;)

(Excuse our grungy appearance!! We're working! hehe)

The stone in place - finally! It only took 9 days.. it deserves a second pic!

Now for the bonus part! We had a friend, Glenn, come round and help Marty move the Bakers Oven into place tonight! It's a heavy little thing, thank goodness he helped!

Now for the exciting one:

Isn't it spiffy?! The flue isn't attached yet, so that is a job for tomorrow. We're both thrilled to bits to finally have it in! Can't wait to light it up and see what she can do. It'll mean we might spend some more time inside rather than out in the shed by the potbelly stove. ;)

Until next time! (Hopefully tomorrow, with pics of the Bakers Oven all fired-up.)


  1. Oh that looks fantastic! Well done!

  2. I can smell the bread coming out of the oven already! Well done you guys, that is in for a lifetime now so worth all the effort.

  3. Aw that looks great guys! I love how it can serve as an oven and a wood heater too. Very practical in winter. So handy to the kitchen as well!

  4. Wow, lots of work. But well worth it. It looks fantastic. Like a designer did it. You two look proud as punch in the pic as you should. You did as outstanding job. Oh and congrats on your first two customers. That is great and I'm sure just the beginning.

  5. Excellent looking stove. Well worth the effort (especially when it is keeping you warm). Way to go on getting customers already. Should be the start of a lot more. Good that you are putting your computer skills to work.

  6. Well maybe not, we'll still have a bench in there lol.

  7. The house we are renovating had a bench put in in the 70s in and around the chimney. The kitchen is too narrow for new benches and the old ones are fine. However, the stove is in a place now, the electric one where the door bumps it. We could have put in a stove like yours!