Monday, June 15, 2009

Stone's here!

Wonderful news! We picked up our stone hearth today!

It's black and brown and quite a bit nicer than I remembered. :)

There's just one problem..

We were a little too "perfect" with the measurements. Here's a small note for anyone planning on buying a stone hearth.. measure your hole, then take at least a few millimetres off the measurements given to the stonemason. :p

Otherwise, you have to do a little adjusting..

We'll have the wall "adjusted" by the end of tomorrow, I imagine. We will then use a lime mortar mix to make the base level and flat. That will take a few days to dry, then we can place the stone on top of that. We should be cooking with wood by the end of the week! (and keeping our toes warm!) :)

Crossing fingers nothing else goes wrong!

Until next time!


  1. Getting close now :-)
    I was beginning to wonder if you would have the stove in before the end of winter ;-)


  2. I love the colors in the stone for the hearth. Good job. I'm glad the oven will soon be keeping you warm.