Saturday, August 08, 2009

False Spring Update

The linseeds are growing well! The rains have not been very frequent, but they seem to be thriving anyway. Keeping the weeds down has been a challenge, but not impossible. The red-legged earth mites have not bothered them again this season, so, I guess there's nothing left for them to do but flower and give us their seeds! Crossing fingers!

Spartagus the asparagus has been completely fooled by the warmer weather this winter. We're not going to hesitate to eat these lovely looking spears!

The peas and snowpeas.. what can I say? I planted them far too close together, and didn't give the snow peas enough of a structure to grow on. Combine that with some strong winds, and we have a pea jungle. We still get peas from the vines, but they're difficult to find and get to. When I'm out picking peas, Marty says I'm foraging. :)

In front of the peas there you can see the carrots. I let the weeds overtake the carrots earlier, but now it's mostly carrots and grass now. We're both looking forward to home-grown carrots again.

We improved on the structure for the second crop of snow peas, and they're reaching up to the first string line now. The peas (behind) are nearly to the top of the potato cages, and there are some cabbage dotted around the place, but they're only small still. Behind the garden bed there is the green oven and the pigface is filling it out nicely now.

And lastly, here's a shot of the space between the footpath and the front fence. We planted these about a month ago. They're suppose to be native to the area and very tough, with a little yellow "ball" flower in summer (but don't ask me their names, because I honestly forgot!). We've had a little trouble keeping the water up to them while they establish, but we're keeping a close eye on them. Marty makes a point of weeding them regularly, so they don't get overwhelmed.

Despite the warmer weather, we're still getting very cold nights, and this morning quite a heavy frost was covering most of the garden. Thankfully none of the plants suffered, except the lemon-scented gum out the back. Hopefully it'll cheer up once spring really arrives.

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  1. Interesting that you should be having a warm winter. We have had a short sharp one, nicely cold, but now we feel that spring is only a few weeks away. Hope we get some more rain before then!