Monday, August 10, 2009

Worms and such

I was almost right, the worm farm did take a little longer than we expected, but we did finish it before the week was out! 2 days ago, to be exact. :)

What do you think? We've fed them and they seem happy. It's amazing how much bath there is for them to fill up. The full "Worm Factory" didn't even quarter fill the bath.

Of the 3 raised garden beds we have in the backyard, the freezer (wicking bed) is the most productive at the moment. We've been picking bok choy from it almost daily, and now the bok choy is starting to flower.

Under the bok choy is spinach and celery. The spinach is only now starting to get large enough to eat as baby spinach (very tasty!), and I imagine the celery will take a little longer still.

Just to prove that we do eat from the garden, today's lunch (well, part of it, anyway!)

The purple leaves are from the beetroot (it was steaming at the time), and I only picked a few peas today. I frightened a Blackbird in the process of foraging today - it frightened me too! The broccoli are side-shoots from the remainder of the plant we'd harvested earlier. This was the first time we've eaten any of Spartagus the Asparagus though, and boy was he sweet and yummy!

So, now the worm farm is up and running (with worm juice aplenty), the next big task is getting the chook pen ready. We would like to do our part for the rare chook breeds, so we're thinking of getting Dorkings. Nothing is final yet, and finding them could be another matter entirely.. but we'll see! We still have a chook house to finish, and a very secure yard to build them.

Until next time!

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