Sunday, August 23, 2009

Green everywhere!

Today.. Marty is experiencing the joy of a sharp and nicely adjusted push mower. :)

The scythe is great for the longer weeds and grasses, but the push mower does a lovely looking job. It's the season for lush growth, but come summer it'll all be dead again anyway.

I'm not sure if you'll remember the herb pot I planted out so long ago? I thought I might have parsley sprouting in the top.. well, it was parsley! We're just starting to pick a few leaves now and it's lovely. The oregano on one side is crazy as always, and we have one single chive plant growing in the other side.

The parsley grown from seed are doing much better than the parsley seedling we brought from the local market. The oregano tried to spread into the other openings.. it's a very tough and invasive plant. One I'd recommend for a difficult spot.

I've thinned out the bok choy in the freezer a little, but the rest I'll let set seed. The native bees are taking care of the pollination, when it isn't windy!

View from the front yard..

The peas on the ex-potato cages are flowering already, and the snowpeas (who are a little slow to start) are gripping their first and second string-lines now. They may be a little late in the season if it gets too warm too quickly, but that won't matter - we'll just start growing beans instead. :)

You can see the native grasses in that photo.. they're crazy right now. What may not be obvious is the bamboo, it isn't looking happy. It's leaves have turned an olive green colour. We're hoping it's just a "winter look" and it'll come back again in spring. Crossing fingers! (That's a $65 bamboo there!! That's more than all the other plants put together, I'd say!)

Until next time!


  1. Think we're in a for a hot dry summer, I have been watering already which is unusual for us. Think we'd all be wise to be prepared early this this year. How's your feijoa doing, I have put in 5 new ones this year.

  2. Yep, we've been watering inbetween rainy spells here too. The rains keep the water tanks full, but we worry about this summer too.

    The feijoa seems to be doing well - you've got in 5? Wow, that's a lot of feijoa! Ours doesn't seem to be doing much yet - neither happy or unhappy, so I'll take it as a good sign for now. :) Only Marty can eat the feijoa fruit, so he's content with just the one for now. hehe

  3. I have 7 actually, only two producing so far, and I am the only who,eats them - I am addicted to them.