Sunday, August 23, 2009

Posted for last Monday - oops

We've been composting! We ran out of room, so Marty built another bay.

Now there are 4! One is not being used - so we've got something to turn the others into. Two is the first turn of a pile we started months ago but been lazy about. Three has a new pile in it - piping hot thanks to the horse manure layered with the neighbour's garden pruning. Four has finished compost in it, ready for the garden.

We took composting in turns, but I ran out of steam much faster than Marty did! I took the opportunity to photograph a few of the trees that are doing well now the weather is warming up.

This is the lemon scented gum - still very small, but growing!

This is a eucalypt known around here as the Silver Princess. It's quite popular with it's showy red flowers. Maybe in a few years time...

Now, for today...


  1. I am really egg-cited about seeing your compost bays:) My compost in my first bay is ready for use and I am so chuffed. Pat finally set up the second bay and we are now adding to that one.

    Great read and keep on composting:D

  2. Thanks Lucky! There's nothing quite like a steaming pile of compost to brighten our day. ;)