Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A wet spring

It's been a little while since I showed off the garden, and I have to show off these little linseeds / flax plants. Their little white flowers are so sweet.

There's always one in every crowd, though. ;)

Yep, one single blue flowering flax. We've tied a little string around the base and will be sure to grow more of this one next season!

Our little pond has got even bigger! No wonder we never saw water like this last year.. the plumbing from the stormwater was leaking all under the shed floor! This year it's all going into the water tanks and out the overflow into the backyard..

.. which is a good thing for the poor shed, and an interesting situation for the backyard. I think we need some water-loving plants back here! :)

This wattle doesn't seem to mind, but we're thinking rushes and poa grasses. :)

This is the dry side of the yard, but the picture demonstrates the dead grasses on the council owned property. The neighbour's property looks similarly dead, too.. The area directly behind our property is council owned, too, but they have not sprayed there (yet?). We've been keeping the grass down with a push mower! It's not even that hard..

I take it that this little bird is eating the aphids on the roses. The yellow roses fend for themselves in that regard, but I sprayed the aphids off the roses over the cottage and Spartagus the Asparagus had a few on him, too. (Sprayed with a stream of water, that is! It works a treat.)

I've been planting so many seeds lately, I've ran out of room in my mini greenhouse. Marty was kind enough to make me a cold-frame to house some of them.

I'm so excited! I just want to sit out there and watch them germinate! The seeds in the mini greenhouse were planted in a home-made seed raising mix, and the compost I used was far too alkaline. I'm sure they won't do anything, but I'm keeping them in there just in case. After all, some of the beetroot came up after I over watered them. :)

Until next time!

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  1. Everything looks good. I love the way you keep up with all the plants. If the water keeps comming you could have a marsh in the backyard soon. That could be interesting.