Sunday, October 11, 2009


I have a confession - I have one of those shrill "I've just found a murdered body" kind of screams that you only hear on television. It's embarrassing, but true! So thankfully no neighbours came running over to see where the so-called body was just now! See, I was in the middle of rescuing some water loving plants from a warm day..

I was just in the shade behind my little propagation area here..

.. and when I looked down and saw something like this!

It looked almost as scared as I sounded!

I got my wits about me and grabbed the camera for a close-up or two.

It's LOVELY but my hands are still shaking! Come to think of it, this could be what Marty heard in the corrugated iron sheets the other day.. He was very concerned, and our thoughts immediately went to mice, rats and snakes.. but this fits the bill, and a lot more friendly to have in the garden, too!

- Phew! I'm feeling a little better now.


  1. Our resident blue tongue quite often scares the @#$% out of me when I'm weeding or otherwise in the garden! Very pleased to have him though :)

  2. Hi Manda
    The first time our son saw one of these he reacted the same way (he was four) by the time I reached him in the backyard he was talking to the lizard.
    He said, to me "It's OK mum, for a moment I thought it was a snake but it's just a blue tongue...he won't hurt me".

  3. I'm thinking the bricks and wet weather are probably creating a real haven for sails and slugs, and Mr Blue tongue is cleaning up for you, LOL.

    By the way, it's okay to scream - I nearly stepped on a green tree snake the other day. As we both tried to get away from each other, it looked like I was doing the can-can, LOL. I must've scared the pants off the poor snake!

  4. I'm sure if lizards and snakes could scream they would, they are usually just afraid of us as we are of them. That's why rattlers attack, they feel threatened.

  5. I have heard a few stories, like that they get killed in Canberra as people think they are snakes. Also an English tourist wore boots or something as he was scared of snakes in Australia. One came into a local shop while he was there, a blue tongue and he got upset.