Monday, October 19, 2009

YMD (Yet More Digging!)

A large pile of sand outside can only mean one thing...

Yep, we've been digging again!

Thanks to Mum and Michael for giving us a huge hand today. Sometimes the job seems so daunting that we don't quite know how to start.

Mum came up with the neat idea to put the trailer below the window instead of using the wheelbarrow. It worked a treat, and meant all 4 of us could shovel the dirt together.

The only downside is the new "planks" to get across the floor are quite a bit steeper now!

Hopefully not for long. The renovating bug has bitten us again and with any luck (and a bit more hard work) we'll have something like a floor in those two rooms someday soon!

Until next time!

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  1. We still have a pile of dirt near the back of our house we are renovating. Hopefully it hasn't set like concrete and we would like to put the dirt into the beds for vegies and flowers. We took the dirt up through the hole and through the house. A tunnel was made around the inside of our bricks to help keep air around them. I don't know it seems like ages ago now, but it was during winter.