Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Solar power installed

It was a very warm day yesterday of 34.6°C (94°F). The temperature in the evacuated tubes (solar hot water) is in Celsius, yes! That's 275 degrees Fahrenheit!

It's useful to note here that the water in the tank is 70°C (158°F) and the pump will not run once the water has hit 70°C.. so there is no risk of getting 135° water through the taps inside. :)

That's when Cathy called to say she would come and finish the solar panels. Everyone worked so hard in the heat, they're all so tough!

The end result is quite minimal! I am surprised that they look so small sitting up there on our shed roof.

The system was tested to see if everything worked, but it is currently turned off until a safety inspection is completed.. and after that the electricity company needs to upgrade our meter. So we're almost ready to start making our own electricity! Hooray!

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