Saturday, November 07, 2009

Speaking of blue tongues!

Marty and I made a new compost pile in the compost bays today, and we disturbed a lovely little blue tongue lizard. He scooted off and we continued to layer our compost with horse manure, garden clippings and cardboard. We both went into the house for a little rest because it's nice and cool inside the old brick part of the cottage. Sitting on the couch, we were shocked to look over and find a blue tongue lizard climbed partially up the flyscreen door! Thankfully no-one screamed. :)

We really would have liked to get a picture but the camera was out by the compost heap.. (Not very handy!) and I was much more interested in opening the door and getting him outside! The blue tongue was quite scared of us, and hid behind the couch. After a short time scooting him from behind the couch, under the television stand and hissing at Marty, we finally got him near the front door, but he decided he would rather run towards the bedroom! Ooooh no way. Marty grabbed him and took him outside, while trying not to get scratched by the little (but sharp!) claws.

It appears to have got in through the loungeroom that is still being dug-out! There are are few holes that lead under the kitchen part of the house, and not surprisingly, they have a few scratchy marks in the dirt nearby.

So, if that's not an indication that we need to get a move-on with the renovations, I don't know what is!

Until next time!


  1. Lucky it was only a blue tongue!!!

  2. I agree! What a horrible thought! :)

    We keep getting told that if we have blue tongue lizards that we are less likely to have snakes around. I'm not sure how much truth there is to that though!

  3. Hello Manda, We have had a blue tongue, shingle back, stumpy tail, ??? (You know the type, the ones that walk across the road VERY slowly) living in our agapanthus for a few years now, must be heaps of snails in there!! Well as it turned out there must have been husband spotted a baby one yesterday. I wish I'd seen it to take a photo.
    Good work on the solar power story. I wish I had the resources to put some panels up, but as we are in our 70's and living (trying to ) on the OAP, I don't think we would live long enough to reap the benefits (LOL)

  4. I'd like to think that is true. I have two houses, 30 miles or so apart. One we are living in, one renovating. The one we live in has blue tongues and no snakes. The other snakes, and yes, one did get into the house. That was nearly 2 years ago. We did find some more holes to fill in with expanding foam during winter, but found some more. There have been no mice since we did the last foam. After the snake, we filled in where there was a missing tile under the door with that mortar stuff I think, and added a bit of wood to the bottom of a door. Still working on fly screens. Have two we could put up, need one more. I assume they help.