Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mortar and Marrow

Well, we did it. We tried the cement mixer to make lime mortar. Not great results to begin with, but we're aiming to improve our technique (as well as our sand to lime ratio!) I've started to fill some of the gaps in the wall, but I don't have any pictures as yet. Besides that, they wouldn't be much to look at yet. :)

In the garden, we've been seeing a few Redback spiders recently. This is one of the biggest we've ever seen!

Speaking of big, this marrow is over 2kg (4.47 pounds)! It was too big to weigh on my little kitchen scales, so I used the Thermomix. The Thermomix soon turned it (well, some of it anyway) into soup. One thing I found out about marrow however - you would want to peel it. I'll note that for next time! :)

So in the meantime we'll be doing more work in the loungeroom. With luck, I'll have the holes all filled soon and we can start wondering how to put floors back in there!

Until next time!


  1. Uggh - that spider made me shudder!

  2. What about stuffed marrow? It was always my favourite marrow recipe growing up (and hopefully I'll have marrows in my garden next season).

    Scrape out the seedy middle and stuff with some cooked rice with bolognase sauce stirred through and topped with cheese. Then baked in the oven till golden brown on top and the flesh tender. The marrow just scrapes directly from the skin, avoiding the need to peel before cooking. We'd feed a family of four on half a marrow and have the other half the next day.

  3. glad to see you're blogging again. I've missed it. Good luck on the lounge room. I'm waiting for you to finish before I come to visit. Mom

  4. Hi Chook - Our diet means no cheese or cooked tomato, sadly. That does sound really nice though! We last used the marrow as a filler in mushroom soup and it was very yummy!!

    Hi Mom - Hopefully we'll be finished soon! It'd be great to have you over! :)

  5. Is that the equivalent of a black widow spider? And exactly how big is that? Great on the gardening, more people should be doing that.