Friday, April 16, 2010

Catching up

We've had such a lovely day today after a few weeks of quite chilly weather. I was wondering if I've shown off my small area of flowers around the raised garden bed? It's slowly becoming what I had imagined when we first made it. It's lovely to see colour in the garden after a difficult Summer season!

The pumpkin vine I showed off earlier, too, has grown! It's starting to get a touch of powdery mildew as the weather has become wetter.

There are 4 really large butternut pumpkins hiding in there!

Free pumpkin! Yay! :)

Lastly I picked this today - it's an Egyption beetroot, slightly flatter on the bottom, and not really red inside. Quite tasty, but not as sweet as the Detroit variety.

(Edited to add pic of the inside of the Egyption beetroot)

Otherwise, I planted out some spinach today for the winter. Two varieties this year: Winter Giant and American Curled. Looking forward to plenty of baby spinach over the winter.

Until next time!

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