Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The chook pen's coming along.

It's been a while, so what have we been up to lately?

We've planted a few trees. A couple more native trees for the backyard, and a fig tree in the front yard. We've made another garden bed on the north wall of the shed and planted a pear tree in it. None of the trees are much to look at right now though.

What I can show off are pictures of the chook pen! Another coat of mud has been slopped on the inside strawbale wall, a couple of sheets of iron have adorned the west wall, and the north wall has a window, but no walls as yet.

Check these out!

The weather has turned wet and rainy, so construction has halted for now. I'm researching as much information as I can about chooks. Since we're keen on keeping a heritage breed, we've decided on Dorkings. Here are some links with info:

Rare Breeds Trust of Australia - The Silver-Grey Dorking
Dorking Breeders Group of Australia

In the meantime, we're keeping warm with the Bakers Oven in the kitchen.

Until next time!


  1. A chook palace ! what colour are the curtains going to be? LOL Sorry Manda, I couldn't help myself.
    A nice piece of 3x2 with the edges "knocked off" for their perch, painted with some old oil (so the nasties can't get into it) and they will think they are in heaven. Many people make the mistake of giving chooks a round perch but they flat footed and like something that will fit their feet.

  2. Thanks Olive, I'll remember that perch info. Do you think Linseed oil will do the job? I'm thinking green curtains. I have some funky 70's green ones ready to hang! hehe

  3. Any old oil will do, we use sump oil from the car. Linseed would work, but why buy oil when you can make use of waste. Maybe cooking oil also. It helps to stop scaley leg problem as well.

  4. Went to the site. What pretty Chooks you picked out. I hope they are just for eggs. You are doing a bang up job on the pen. Look forward to it being finished. Mom