Sunday, July 25, 2010

Not quite lock-up stage yet

..but the chook pen got a large chunk of today devoted to it. I'm happy to report the following progress pics!

All walls are up as of this afternoon, and it feels lovely inside the pen itself. We've got a little flashing to do, and we're still keen on putting up inside walls with insulation in between the iron. A bit over-the-top I know! :) A door is still required, and a fenced yard of course.

Elsewhere in the Old Miners Cottage, we've been getting a little frustrated with the lack of storage and work benches in the kitchen. Solving this problem is "Stenstorp"! An island bench from Ikea. It fits in perfectly and we can still sit on stools on one side, while the other side is all storage shelves. We're both breathing a sigh of relief - YAY!

Until next time.


  1. I can fully appreciate the work which goes into building a chicken coop. At one stage (towards the end) you just want it to be finished already, LOL.

    The funny thing is, once it's been in operation for a week, you forget all the hair pulling and it's like you wondered where this bizarre structure came from - did we make that???

    It's good to spoil your chooks with insulation as well - especially if you have the odd heatwave. Chooks can withstand frost temperatures, but they don't survive in heatwave conditions. You'll praise all the extra effort for the insulation if they ever have a day they need it.

    Great work anyways guys. I hope you have it in operation soon. :)

  2. Chris, thank you for mentioning the heat factor! I almost forgot the insulation would help with the heatwaves we get here. I have to admit, there was the temptation to just finish it early. LOL

    We've got Air-Cell insulation for the roof (we had some spare from the shed insulation job) which I remember made a world of difference in there last year, even though there were no walls up.

    I'll begin insulating the walls in earnest! :D