Sunday, August 01, 2010

Renovation hopping: Kitchen!

Yesterday Marty and I put in a replacement rangehood in the kitchen. The old one simply didn't work, and as we removed it from the wall, we soon saw why. It didn't vent anywhere! It wasn't recirculating either - it just made a lot of noise. :)

We soon fixed the venting issue:

A nice big hole in the wall will do the job!

Marty did some adjustments to the design of the rangehood so it had holes where the studs in our walls are, and made sure it was going to stay on the wall with very large bolts.

The Christmas-themed plastic tablecloth came in handy after all! It did get quite messy cutting the wall and drilling holes.

In the end, it looks lovely:

It may be very difficult to see in those pictures, but we've started painting the kitchen a pale yellow. Right now the paint is on the rangehood's wall as a test spot from the sample-pot. We like the colour already, so I think we'll get a bigger can (it's called Cheese Stick) and continue to brighten up the kitchen.

On that note, I just wanted to mention to anyone else renovating their old house, PLEASE test to see if the paint is lead paint by getting a cheap test kit from the hardware store. (We got ours from Bunnings.) We were very close to saying "She'll be right", but a last minute decision to test means we now know for sure.

We have some lead paint in the house, and thankfully it's the green colour underneath the current colour. It's in good condition still, and we're going to paint over it to keep it from being a risk. Knowing that it's there means we know not to sand it down!

I hope to show off some pictures of the new paint-job soon! :)

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  1. I am enjoying seeing the renovations in your beautiful cottage. We ourselves have been in our cottage 7 years now and if someone ever told me we wouldn't have finished our renovations by this time I wouldn't have believed them. But here we are still with silver paper on the lounge room walls where we are still to complete the transformations! Just your mention of green paint brings back memories of our kitchen being renovated. We ended up having the whole room sandblasted to take the walls back to the original baltic pine boards and sent the doors in to be stripped of layers and layers of paint ( a job I would usually do). Thanks for sharing your journey...Melissa