Monday, September 20, 2010

More chook pen..

We've completed the insulation on the inside of the chook pen! We used the leftover bits to finish this wall, so it took a very long time to finish.

At the moment, the chook pen is only home to my tomato seedlings. :)

This is the table I was telling you about before.. and a couple of nest boxes sit below.

Marty demonstrates where the perch will be located. The idea is to make cleaning easier, since the majority of chook poo will land on the table as they roost at night, I can clean it off more frequently without having to do the entire chook pen each time. (Well, that's the plan, anyway!)

Aside from the chook pen, the garden is going well. The water is still in our pond, and can you believe these ducks?

They weren't allowed to stick around long though - a family of ravens scared them off. Oh well!

We've already made more progress than this, so I'll update more very soon!


  1. Hi, Manda thanks for the pics of Marty. I just love seeing him. Sometimes I think you put them there for me. Love, Mom

  2. you guys have done a great job on the chook house it looks awesome :o)