Friday, September 17, 2010

It's all about the chook pen lately

Last weekend Marty and I worked on the interior wall of the pen, and made a table too. I'll have to show that in some detail once the interior is closer to being done. During the week while Marty was busy at his paid employment, I made progress on painting the outside of the pen and setting up a little garden bed. While the flashing still needs a lick of paint, I wanted to show off anyway!

In the garden bed I have planted a choko to (hopefully!) grow up the wall and help provide shade in the summer. There are also herbs especially for chooks; tansy, rue and wormwood. If everything germinates, it'll be a full little garden bed!

As you can see, I painted the east and north walls green.

Inbetween all that, we're keeping the spring weeds down with the scythe. The weeds were getting so tall, they were shading out some of the trees we've planted. The scythe takes them down pretty well, but it is a workout!

This weekend we're planning on doing yet MORE chook pen work, but we're determined to get it finished soon! We'd REALLY like eggs ASAP. :)

Until next time!


  1. The chook pen sure is looking good. You did a very good job of it. Bring on the chooks!!

  2. OK, When can I move in ? After all, I'm known around here as an "old Chook"
    Seriously though Mandy, it's looking Great !!