Monday, October 18, 2010

Chook watch - update!

The chooks are settling in well. They've taken to the new feed, enjoyed scratching in the dirt, and eating the long grass that has gone to seed. They're not use to perching on the roost at night yet, however. One has started sleeping on the table, so perhaps they'll get the hang of that eventually, too.

As for the eggs, we've been given between one and two each day. Fortunately we're being given free eggs from friends who have 4 chooks and no appetite for eggs (apparently)!

Until next time.


  1. Nice to read your update. They look very pleased with their new home.
    Good fun chook-gazing isn't it ;-)

  2. You have curtains? In your chook pen? Mad! I love the house they have and am rather jealous as mine is still a pile of 50x100 mm posts cut to various lengths. Chooks are great to have around the yard - you will love having them...

  3. Mine won't roost on the perches I built for them either! They won't even sleep inside, but prefer sleeping in the trees in their run. That's fine, they're safe and all, but I wish I'd known before I went to all the effort of building their house!