Wednesday, November 03, 2010

New arrivals!

Nothing much going on right now, but we have some chook updates!

Yesterday we extended the yard a little..

..because last weekend I couldn't help myself and got a few more chooks to add to the collection. They're Isa Brown crosses. These two have paired up and are friends.

These two we call Fluffy and Little One. They're paired up together. Little one is fast and brave, and Fluffy can be a bit slow to catch on.

Today we made a longer roost for the chooks, as well as swapped the ramp for a ladder. Hopefully they like it better!

The older chooks settled in just fine, but we are down two. We have 6 in total at the moment, and only one of them is laying! The four new ones won't be laying for another month or so yet.

More exciting news is we may have found our Dorkings. We're taking a drive this weekend to go see them and hopefully bring a few home! I'm very much looking forward to getting some Dorkings and possibly breeding them in the near future too! Should be some exciting times to come. :)

Until next time!


  1. I think I have shed-envy - what a great setup you have for your girls! Mine are also being a bit slack in the egg-production department. One even produced a shell-less egg today. Not sure why as their feed contains shell-grit.

    Nice when you can introduce some new hens to the mix and it works. I have one or two established hens who can be quite nasty ...

  2. Hi Jo, sadly our two older chooks aren't taking the new arrivals well at all. We've resorted to separating them for the time being. They're use to being part of a huge flock and I guess being super nasty is the way to get your share.. One of them has been laying a shell-less egg every day since we got them! Sadly, I think it's just the way of things with these commercial Isa Browns. :( They've been good practice chooks though. :)

  3. Lovely looking chooks and the extended yard looks nice, especially having the tree in it.
    Our chooks love to be in our orchard, especially during summer.
    It's hard to watch when some chooks become really dominant and nasty. With ours we tried separating them, but, perversely the two who were being picked on really missed being with the other four. Guess they'd rather go through hell than not be part of the group!

  4. You could try running a wire across the middle of the yard so they can see each other but not eat each other. My Isa-cross is very stroppy with any newcomer - I have had to rescue one who was pinned to the ground and had blood drawn on the back of her head. Maybe they are just grumpy cos all they do is produce eggs all day. One of mine is laying a shell-less egg at present. I think I have narrowed it down to one of the buff sussex hens. No idea why as they have shell-grit and plenty of green pick (I lost two of them in the grass today) and it is a sandy soil, so they are getting grit with every mouthful they eat of the grain they get ...