Monday, November 29, 2010

Candling - Day 10

I candled all the eggs again at day 10 (Friday night) and it was lovely to see the little chicks moving around. I didn't get any good pictures, but the best way to see for yourself is to look at the day 10 candling videos on YouTube.

Thankfully, it looks like we have only lost 3 out of the 21 eggs so far! The other 18 are developing nicely. Yesterday we checked the 3 bad ones again, just to be sure, and removed them and the infertile (shop-bought) eggs at the same time.

So, we could be in for a good hatch! It's getting closer - only 6 more days until we take the eggs off the auto-turner and increase the humidity levels in the incubator. We're looking into brooder boxes and heating solutions now. Oh, and we need special food, and some little dishes, and bedding and, of course, a fully charged camera battery! :)


  1. Manda, Hope you don't mind me giving some of my ideas here. Be careful that the water dishes are not too deep, we have had some chicks drown in tuna tins. We overcame this by putting some bird wire scrunched up into the tin, so they could access the water but not climb in. A water 'bell' is a good idea, a plastic top that is filled with water and up-turned into the shallow dish that forms the base, most pet shops have them. They can be hung so that it doesn't touch the floor but low enough for the chicks to reach the water.
    The bedding should NOT be sawdust. They will eat some ....not good!!. Best is straw. This gives their feet somewhere to grip so they don't end up with splayed legs. Chaff is Ok (not as good as hay) but, they tend to scratch it into their water, making it a messy cleanup each day. We have raised THOUSANDS of chicks over the last 20 years, but have given it all up as we consider ourselves to be too old. They only way to go is, you learn best by your own mistakes. Good Luck.
    P. S. Our brooder had 2 compartments, one side with a hinged lid, about 18inches deep, a 60 watt globe attached to the lid for heating. A small "mousehole" in the side leading to the feeding compartment. This part was lit by a fluorescent globe, enabling them to leave the brooder side and venture out for food and water,day and night. To start with, they need to have the water and food in with them, then gradually move it out.
    Sorry Manda for 'waffling on', but i hope this has given you a little help

  2. You're doing a great job. Glad to hear there are new chicks on the way.

    One quick question though, I always thought you were meant to stop turning the eggs on day 18. Or are you following the instructions on your new incubator? I've never used an auto turn so maybe it's different.

    I just ask because you said there were 6 days to go and the post is titled, candeling 10 days. Of course, you could be posting a few days after day ten, so I've gotten it all wrong, LOL.

    Just thought I'd ask. :)

  3. Thank you Olive, that's sound advice and very welcome at the moment. The internet can be full of information, but nothing beats first-hand experience!

    Chris, yes, you're right, I messed-up on the title of this post a bit. :) It's Day 13 tonight, so we'll stop turning them on day 19, being Sunday. I think! You wouldn't believe the amount of times I've counted this on the calendar. lol
    I chose Sunday because we set the eggs around 10pm-ish on the first day, so I probably shouldn't even count that day. Then we've got 3 days of waiting around nervously, I guess! :)

  4. Thats a great success rate! I can't wait to see all the little fluffly bundles!
    I used a tough cardboard box as a brooder, filled with straw and a rubber mat until they were big enough for a rabbit hutch, (but I only had 7 chicks) with a heat lamp clipped over the side (normal clip-on desk lamp with reptile bulb from the pet shop). Water was in a chick water feeder with marbles in it to stop them falling in.
    Good luck!