Friday, December 03, 2010

Candling - Day 17

Had a quick look at all the eggs tonight. I'm feeling so nervous, as the time to hatch nears. Sadly, we had to take another two eggs from the incubator as they havn't developed since the last time we looked. So, now the count is 8 Dorking eggs and 8 Wyandotte eggs still developing. (I think! The Wyandotte eggs shells are darker than the Dorking egg shells, and harder to see through.)

Sunday night we'll take the eggs off the auto-turner and fill both water troughs to increase the humidity. Then it'll be a nail-biting 3 day wait!

As for the brooder, we've got a big cardboard box ready, and surprisingly the local pet supplies store has the ceramic light globe and holder we want, as well as the usual supply of suitable water and feed containers. That's a relief!

I'll keep you posted!

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