Monday, December 06, 2010

Locusts have arrived

We've been hearing a lot about the very bad locust season we're expecting. Urged by government to report any locust sightings and keep our properties clear of them. Well, the chance to control them is over! They've started flying and arrived here in Stawell yesterday afternoon.

What's the quickest way from A to B? By rail of course!

I didn't bother calling the Locust hotline. :) I can't imagine the calls they are getting from towns in worse effected areas than ours!

I feel sorry for the farmers, and the sporting clubs that have to cancel their games. I'm hoping they ignore my corn and beans and head straight into the chook pen where they will be gobbled-up! Perhaps it's time to let the chooks free-range for a while. :)

Doesn't this look yummy? Well, to a chook it does. I just got this shot from the front yard. Although, he's not as alone as he looks.

Until next time! (Hopefully a chick update, because the waiting is driving me crazy!)

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