Sunday, December 05, 2010

Three sisters

They're finally reunited! Some of the winter squash have been transplanted into the corn and beans in the front garden. A little late, but hopefully they'll all benefit soon! It looks like a mass of green out there right now.

Which is a nice change. Despite the warm weather and the frequent rain, most of the area is looking very dry already. Grasses have been cut short to avoid council fines, and they're not coping with the harsh treatment. Never mind, back to the greenery!

The corn plants have reached about fence-height, and I think that's where it'll stay. Already we have one corn cob growing. You might be able to just see the red corn silk in the picture, which is a really good sign that the earwigs havn't yet invaded! I've been keeping the earwigs at bay in a few ways. Starting the corn early helped, because there was no need for mulch - earwigs love to hide in mulch. I've had the margarine containers filled with oil out since I planted the corn seeds into the ground. They've not caught many earwigs, thankfully. I've also got the black hose out in sections around the corn. Every day I tap these into a bucket of water and any earwigs that have used the hose as a hiding place from the daylight hours suddenly regret their decision. The chooks get a feed of earwigs and the plants are given a break. Everyone wins!

The earwig control measures around the garden have really helped this year. We are still having trouble with some of the potatoes being eaten, but most of the other plants are left alone. With luck, we should get some good produce from the garden this summer!

Until next time!


  1. My corn is fighting a losing battle with the stinging nettles - all this warmth and rain has made them shoot up with gay abandon. Will have to put the gloves on and have a go tomorrow if it is not too cold (yep, cold snap today).

  2. The chooks will love the nettles, Jo! My nettles die back as it warms up every year. Wishing for some of your cool weather though! It's feeling a bit like Queensland here lately with the humidity.