Monday, January 24, 2011

Chook mayhem

It's chook mayhem around here at the moment. The 6 Dorking chicks are around 4 weeks old, almost fully feathered, and ready to go outside. We have 16 eggs left in the incubator, and in only one week, hopefully there'll be some hatching! A Dorking hen has decided she'd like to be clucky.. and we'd love to give her some chicks, but the three Wyandotte chicks are in the A frame chook pen.

So, we needed another few chook pens. The A frame chook pen might look nice, but it took far too long to make (plus, we don't have any wall panels left on the walls in the loungeroom)! haha. So, it's all about using what we have and making it as secure and comfortable as possible.

First came this:

It only took a couple of afternoons to make, and I mostly did it myself. :) It's the Wyandottes new home. You can just make out their tail ends here.

Being the weekend, Marty helped me out with this next one.

It's a bit more sturdy, but very heavy. It's made of old supermarket shelves, zip-tied together and some old tin for the house. Very basic, but it works! It means we have some happy Dorking chicks running around now.

So, clucky Dorking is now housed in the A frame, and everyone is happy. (Marty and me included!) Looking forward to next week's hatch, and some much needed rest between times!

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  1. Brilliant design - will have to knock one up for myself. The hen has gone broody again ...