Thursday, January 13, 2011

The wet continues..

While we're not experiencing anything like the terrible Queensland floods here, we are getting a little wet. Some towns around us (Halls Gap and Horsham) are getting some flooding and the rain continues to fall.

Much more locally, our little dam is higher than we've ever seen it, even counting the winter! The back garden where the Wyandottes A frame chook tractor is just a bit too wet, so I brought them inside for the time being. This box is a bit small for them, but it beats being wet!

The older chooks are in no danger, being on the highest part of the backyard, but their run is looking very muddy. Fluffy (far left) is looking very wet - but I suppose that's natural when your feathers aren't waterproof!

Stay dry everyone.

1 comment:

  1. Poor babies. I swear mine go out into the rain deliberately so they can look sad and neglected ...

    Keep your feet dry - am concerned about a friend at Green Lake who is on low-lying land.