Friday, February 11, 2011

A green February

The weather has sure been all over the place. It's feeling more like Queensland's hot humid weather than inland Victoria's typically dry summer heat.

First, an update of the chicks! They're all out with broody Dorking and loving life in the A frame chook tractor.

Remember how I said the heat wave killed the corn? Well, it doesn't mean the area isn't still productive! The beans are using the corn as poles, and the winter squash is starting to take over them all. There are a few volunteer plants as well, such as blackberry nightshade and sunflowers. So, not all is lost!

This is the winter squash I was talking about. Here in a different garden bed, it's fruit is growing nicely!

So, even despite the heat, most things are green and healthy because of the extra rain we've had. These are butternut pumpkin, there are lettuce in the freezer-bed, and the tomatoes are self-sown yellow pear.

Even the choko, normally grown further north, is starting to take over the chook pen fence. It'll be wonderful if the weather holds out long enough to get any choko fruit to grow!

The chooks have coped well with the heat, and we get around 4 eggs a day from the 6 girls left in the main pen. (One of the Dorking's is looking after chicks and won't lay during this time, one is a big rooster, and all the other chooks are too young still!)

So we're getting a few eggs, a few beans and as many herbs as we like.. but also this year we're lucky enough to get some of these..

The tree was so weighed down by apples, we lost a limb in the wind. You never know, perhaps next year we'll have pears as well? :)


  1. Chooks, chicks and garden are all looking nice... even in all this crazy weather we've been having.

  2. Every thing looks so lush and green. Well done.
    Aren't the little chicks just gorgeous?