Friday, March 11, 2011

Catch up!

So, what on earth have we been doing over the last MONTH!?

Sadly, the answer is, Not much!

We were full of good intentions of course. During the warm weather, the middle two rooms were sprayed down, cleaned out and ready for renovations again. We got a long drill bit and made a couple of holes in the wall where the air vent is. It had been covered over, but since wood floors will be put back in, we need the additional air flow once again.

..and that's where the renovations stopped. If it wasn't one thing, it was another, and every weekend saw either Marty or me sick or injured! Nothing major, (we're all better now) but enough to stop any good intentions in their tracks.

Except one weekend where we went to a chook auction! :)

We took home two lovely black chooks and they started laying right away. It's great to finally have some eggs! You'd think with 24 other chooks, we'd be getting eggs, but most are far too young to lay.

All the chooks are doing well. We put the Wyandottes in the main pen tonight and hopefully they'll all get along nicely in the morning! So there are 11 chooks in the main pen, 6 Dorkings growing up very fast in a temporary pen, and our broody Dorking is doing a fantastic job raising the 6 chicks she was given almost 6 weeks ago now! It's far too many chooks, and we're looking at ways of reducing their numbers quite soon, because we really want to be sure they all get enough attention and room to be happy.

Only one other bit of news really.. and that is we have a new friend here at the old cottage.. a little bird who flew into our yard and looked quite lost and lonely. We want to be sure she doesn't belong to anyone before we announce her too loudly, but she really is lovely! :)

We're really looking forward to this weekend, and finally, neither of us are sick, there are no chook auctions, and no excuses why we can't get at least some of the renovations started again!! Wish us luck! :)


  1. Yea! You're back. Sorry to hear you and Marty have been sick. So glad that you are better. Love the news about the chooks. Love ya, Mom

  2. Hey, how about a picture of the bird that flew into the yard? What kind of bird? Glad you are both doing well now.

  3. It's good to take time off now and then, maybe your bodies were telling you it was time to do just that!! Glad things are back on track by now though. I have had the offer of some Dorking eggs for next year so am keen to get the chook run sorted well enough to do just that!