Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Growing fast and lots of eating!

It's been getting cold here, with some nice warm days mixed in. The chicks have been growing up fast, and as you can see, so has the grass. :)

As is our beautiful dorking cockerel. We're keeping him for a while, so I'm open to suggestions for names! He still has some brown in his wings, I'm hoping that will disappear as he gets older.

We had a brain-storm yesterday while searching the tip-shop for inspiration for the chook feeder. We already had a chook feeder that we'd all but given up on, because the chooks would make a mess all over the floor. This is what happened after bringing home this garbage bin lid.

I had to see if it'd work, so I asked the chooks what they thought..

Happy with that response, I hung it up in the house.

Really hoping this helps keep the food in, meaning less for the mice. (Although the chooks enjoy snacking on a mouse now and then, catching the live ones seems quite the challenge!)

Otherwise, we've been keeping busy, mostly with chook-related things! I'll give up saying "I hope we have something house-related to talk about soon!" and just say..

Until next time! :)


  1. That is a great idea and hold a fair bit of food for them.

  2. WHat a great brainstorm i love findig ways to re use stuff. May be a good name for the Dorking cockerel is Ivor flock.

  3. I love seeing how the chicks have grown. And that Dorking is so beautiful. I have no ideas about a name but he deserves a good one.

  4. We seem to always call our roosters Rodney the rooster, mainly because its too hard to think of another one !!