Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Autumn garden

We've been busy lately, doing garden things mostly, and Marty has been working long hours. A classic autumn sign is pumpkins drying in the sun.. so here is our harvest of blue hubbard pumpkins. (They're winter squash actually!)

I can't tell you how heavy they are. There was one more smaller one, but I gave it to the neighbour already. They've done great considering the lack of care and attention I gave them over the summer!

The choko is still doing well - we havn't had any frosts yet, so hopefully it will have time to fruit before they arrive. It's flowering little green flowers, so crossing fingers!

It makes the dead almond tree look almost nice again. :)

We have so many chooks at the moment, all growing fast, and I wanted to give them more free-ranging space. I replaced the old fence by the water tanks and put in a small gate for access. It was hard work, but great fun! I surprised Marty when he got home from work!

The chooks can fly over it, but they're generally happy over their side of the fence!

It's an old "rising sun" gate that we got from the tip-shop quite some time ago just because I liked it. :) I'm so glad it's being used now!

Other than that, we've decided to take out the veggies from two of the garden beds in the front yard. We transplanted Sparty (Spartagus the Asparagus), and the comfrey went out the back where the chooks can access it readily. We've put native plants in, since they look so good even in the hottest of weather - and need so very little water!

It's not all boring though! One plant has begun flowering already - very beautiful.

One more photo - our little parrot has a new larger cage! She can fly from one side to the other now, and around in circles. She likes the new space, but it was a little scary to begin with.

(It's taller than this pic shows!)

Until next time!

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  1. everything in your gardens look good. I sure wish I could be there. I love the sun gate. I noticed that right away.