Sunday, May 29, 2011


She was hiding them on me!

They were behind the nesting boxes. I only really noticed because she was trying to get back there to lay when I was in the chook house the other day. Funny girl!

Today we did a big renovate in the chook house (again). We took out the table, which worked great while there was only a few chooks, but isn't working so well now. We've put the roosts up by themselves and moved the nest boxes under the window.

I'll have to show you a picture tomorrow. I think it should make cleaning them out a little easier, since we'll be introducing the 3 araucana girls and 1 isa cross girl into the pen soon. They're 17 weeks old already! So that will make 13 chooks sharing sleeping quarters, and they certainly make a lot of fertiliser! I don't mind, but anything to make cleaning easier is more than welcome.


  1. How exciting! They are beautiful white eggs!

    The second of my three girls has just started laying this morning! Its so exciting.

    I'd love to see pictures of the coop. the feed containers that you showed a while ago were great. I keep meaning to go to bunnings to get supplies!

  2. Eggs AND pumpkins!! I am jealous. My girls are eating their heads of but making no effort whatsoever to lay an egg. I am hoping the fate of the geese will provide them with an incentive ...

  3. You're brave, Jo! We have to deal with the young araucana cockerel over the next few days and although we've done it once before, we're not looking forward to it.

    Ha, and thankfully the pumpkins pretty much grow themselves here. No TLC required. (Infact, the less the better it seems!)

    Phoebe, thank you for your comment. I thought about it this evening and ran inside to grab the camera! :)