Monday, May 30, 2011

Pictures as promised.

I took the camera to the chook pen tonight while the girls were getting ready for bed. :)

There are leaves on the floor because (shamefully) we've ran out of straw! Once the youngest members of the flock roost in the main house, I'll be able to dismantle their temporary strawbale house and we'll have those 8 bales available again. We're hoping to do that starting tomorrow or Wednesday.

The nesting box is under the window, but not being used as yet. Our one laying lady didn't quite figure it out today, so I put some golf balls in there to give her a hint. :)

It's getting hard to tell the dorking pullets from the older girls at first glance, so we put identifying rings on the older 3. Since the rooster and the pullets are brother and sisters, we don't want to make any mistakes with breeding. I'm getting excited, it feels like that time of year is coming up fast already. We're just grateful that the neighbours havn't complained about the crowing as yet. Fingers crossed our luck holds out!

Until next time!


  1. Your chooks look very contented in their sleeping quarters


    Looks like some of your chickens!

  3. Yes, good spot! That's the Canberra Poultry Show, and Dorkings are the feature breed this year! The breeder our rooster and pullets came from is the organiser of the Dorking bit.
    We would have loved to have gone too, but it's just too far away and Marty is working long irregular hours now. :(