Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Plodding along..

Can you spot the commercial egg?

We've started getting a few eggs from the girls. The little ones are the first ones from a dorking pullet who has started laying far earlier than the others! These last few days both the australorp / black chooks have started laying again, too. They're very reliable layers, laying almost every day, where the dorkings usually lay every other day.

Just for something different, we received an electricity bill in the mail! I'm serious, we havn't really had a real bill since we had the solar system installed. It's winter, so it's expected that the system won't produce as much power as usual.. but I think we can handle this bill. How much, you ask?


Yep, they don't even want us to pay. :) I couldn't be happier.

Otherwise, everything is plodding along as usual. Looking forward to longer days and Spring just around the corner. :)

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  1. Jealous of the eggs, though I noticed my girls are starting to colour up a bit, so I live in hope. Also jealous of your power bill - what a great bill to get!! Will have to see what I can do about that sort of thing ...