Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Chooks and Utes!

Well, I've finished the second feeder for the chooks! (I did get some help from Marty in the end - it was either that, or walk away in frustration a few more times.) Haha. It's a new improved version of the last, and boy am I glad it's done.

The chooks are using it just fine, although they still need the lid to be opened a just a little to remind them of what's in there (and that it's worth the effort of standing on the treadle). Infact, even Chicken (the araucana) is using it! She's the smallest chook in the pen, and quite flighty.

I made a new set of nest boxes so there is room enough to put the feeder inside the house. I just couldn't bear to leave it outside like the other one. We need to make a little under-cover area just for the feeders.. but that might be a little way off. The chooks like their new nest boxes at least! See?

There's an odd egg in that bunch. Laid by a Dorking by the looks of it. Ouch!

In the meantime the Ute is coming along fine! We have replaced the aerial, put in a battery tray and holder.. we've replaced a gasket, fixed and painted a little rust, replaced a burnt out bulb, fixed the horn (that was a tricky one!!).. and the bench seat is at the upholsters getting repaired as I type. I have to get some shock absorbers today and hopefully everything will come together for a grand finale with Friday's final roadworthy. Well, here's hoping! The Ute still needs tyres, and the steering wheel needs a little fixing too.

The first job the Ute will be employed for is getting some redbark chips for the chook pen. I hear that woodchips help to keep down the mud. We've been having so much rain lately that the chooks have nowhere dry left to sit - so they end up all muddy. Yuck!


  1. Look at all those eggs!!!! That long one is very strange! Why do the girls do that? My Buff Sussex lays long eggs and I feel very sorry for her!
    Where did you get your araucanas from? Id love some of those pretty coloured eggs!

  2. Hi Phoebe, I don't know why one of my girls has started laying long eggs. I assumed it was a pullet - still getting use to the idea of egg laying. That's my guess anyway!
    I got the araucanas from a chook auction at Bendigo, Victoria. I won the fertile eggs and we drove carefully home and popped them in the incubator. :)
    The araucanas are a funny breed. I think Chicken sounds like a duck when she talks to me. She's adorable, but flighty. Even so, she still follows me around looking for treats. :)