Friday, August 05, 2011

Looking up!

Marty and I have been feeling overwhelmed with the lack of progress on the renovations lately. The stress was starting to take it's toll, so we kicked ourselves into action and finished the last of the mortar on the foundation. It only took a day and it made us feel a little better about everything once again. After all, there are no excuses to not get a floor in now!

Even better, Marty contacted a builder who came over and took a look and told us what to do next! We now have a note with measurements for putting in stumps and a 2 weeks to get the holes dug. When the builder returns from holiday, he's going to help us put the floor in!!

It's a HUGE relief knowing things are (finally) happening. We both feel like a weight has been lifted off our shoulders.

Added to that, we've taken the Ute to start the process of roadworthy. Turns out there are only a few issues that need addressing, so hopefully by next week, we'll have it on the road! Also, I've been working on getting another treadle feeder made for the chooks. It's only taken 2 days (rather than 2 weeks!) to get the feeder almost finished, and it's already much better than the first. I'm really happy with it! Oh, and I got some new needles for the new 328P sewing machine, and it runs smoothly without skipping any stitches. It's quiet and so very neat to pack away into it's cabinet once I'm done sewing. I absolutely LOVE that machine!! :) It sure feels like everything is looking up!

I'll be sure to take pictures soon and keep you updated!


  1. I am so happy for you two that you have made progress on the lounge room. I also enjoyed your post about the sewing machines. I wish I still had my old singer from the 50,s to give you but would probably cost way to much to ship. The auctions sound like fun. Wish I could go with you. Mom

  2. Congratulations on the progress!! I know that feeling all too well. And when you get a little breakthrough, the rest seems to fall into place for a while and you can get your steam back. Well done you!