Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Not 'just another day' at the Old Miner's Cottage

It all started at 8am this morning when we were woken by a knock at the front door. Marty leaped out of bed to let our friendly builder in. Hooray!

From then on, it was all go! Marty jumped in the ute and grabbed the stumps and concrete making supplies. It wasn't long before the first stump was in.

After a few hours of solid work, things are looking promising.

Yes, I'm very glad to report that all the stumps are in the ground. That alone would have made for a happy blog post, but our friendly cabinet maker came over today as well. The end result looks fantastic!

He's done a great job. He even used the old doors when creating the new ones, so they match perfectly.

The builder will be around again early next week, and I'll have further floor progress shots to show you then!


  1. Marty was in bed at 8 in the morning?! Shame Marty Shame! I am at work an hour and a half away by then.

    Great progress, and please, send your cabinet maker over my way ... please ........... I could do with some help on a couple of kitchen cupboards. He has done a great job!

  2. Hi Jo, we give Marty some slack on his days off. ;) He's got to be up at 4:30am tomorrow and work a 12 hour shift.

    Oh, and our cabinet maker is thinking of moving, yes, but in the opposite direction! Townsville!

  3. Bother. I could do with a local cabinetmaker. Know how Marty feels with the 12 hour days. It does wear you down a bit. Still, think of all that lovely money! (I keep telling myself this ...)