Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Those pictures I promised you..

First up is what I think is an old belt buckle that we found in the sand of the bedroom floor.

..and here is the pictures of the new dishwasher.

It's actually only a dish drawer which uses 6.7 litres per wash. So far it's working great (after fixing the plumbing). Speaking of which..

It's not leaking anymore! I'm not sure if we've mentioned it yet, I wanted to assure you, it takes *at least* three tries for us to get plumbing right. No matter what or where, it always leaks the first few times. :)

We're still nice and busy. We have put the red bark chips in the chook pen, which should help with the mud - but since we havn't had any rain in a few days, everything is nice and dry again anyway. Oh well! The ute came in handy bringing it home, and I also fit 11 strawbales in the tray today! There's a farm out of town who sells straw at only $2 a bale, so we usually stock up every now and then.

We also planted another passionfruit today, since the last one didn't make it (the root stock took over). So we pulled out the old one, planted it on the chook pen fence, and put a new passionfruit in it's place. We'll have to put some temporary shade cloth near it so it has a chance to establish before the summer kills it off again.

No word from our friendly builder yet.. crossing fingers he hasn't, after having a chance to think about what he's getting into, ran for the hills. ;)

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  1. Lovely buckle, and yes I think that is a correct ID on that. And I adore the dish drawer. I have a full sized one, and like you, take a few goes to get leak-free fittings. But it works ok now. Hope the builder turns up. My plumber has a disconcerting habit of going awol then turning up just as I am about to call for a second opinion, lol.