Saturday, August 20, 2011

(More..) Diggin' holes

Just a quick one before I fall into bed and sleep-in tomorrow because we're both exhausted!

Well, the ute got the roadworthy just fine, I picked it up on Monday and got an appointment for the registration on Tuesday. That went very smoothly and it's all legal now! I took it to Horsham to get the transmission looked at and unfortunately they think it's worse than we thought. Marty is considering doing some work to it himself, but I'm not sure he has the time, to be honest!

We've finished the digging in the loungeroom and bedroom. All the stump holes are done! Some of the ground was pretty sandy so we dug out about a wheelbarrow worth of sand so we could get to solid ground for one of the stump holes. We found what looks like a belt buckle? It's green and has a flower pattern on it.. I'll have to post a picture next time!

I didn't mention before, but we have bought a new dishwasher and have spent the day installing it in the kitchen! It probably shouldn't take two whole days and most of tonight to install, but there was a bit of creative plumbing required. I'll show you what I mean via pictures really soon. We're waiting to see if the one tiny drip has stopped before calling it finished just yet though. The cupboard it's installed in will be finished off by our friendly local cabinet maker, so it should end up looking all-right. :)

Otherwise, there's been some gardening done - the pear tree got a little prune and some cuttings have been potted-up in hopes they'll become more pear trees. There's plenty of compost to go around the garden, and everything is just starting to spring into action.

Not me though. I'm going to bed! :)

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