Saturday, September 10, 2011

Chook Buffet - now open

I mentioned before that we needed shelter for the two treadle feeders for the chooks. Well, we did manage to do just that! We had an old water tank out the back we were given by some friends to make raised garden beds. Well.. I thought it'd make a fine chook feeder house. It works quite well! The only thing is.. what to do with the bit we cut out? And besides that, there are a few supplementary items the chooks get.. like shell grit, calcium from crushed egg shells and cuttlefish, Livamol and Molodri (which is diatomaceous earth). They could use an outdoor home too.. So, the solution.. An old table we had lying around provided the structure for the new house. Hooks hold the goodies at chook height, and the chooks are happy they can see what they're eating now. :) Aside from the goodies and the chook food, we've been giving them mash made from carrots and garlic and a little wormwood for 4 days before the full moon to help control internal parasites. We're trying to avoid chemicals at all costs, and so far it appears to be working. The chooks are healthy and laying well.


  1. Chopped chives are also good for intestinal worms too Manda

  2. love your new feeder houses, i need something like that in my chook yard.