Saturday, September 10, 2011

The ghost..

Ok, I'll try my best to explain the ghost situation..

I could just say there's a "feeling" in the old section of the cottage, but that's not really going to cover it! There has been a few odd things happen around here.

Firstly, I guess it's the clock. Clocks actually. I'll explain. We got a nice big decorative clock for above the fireplace in the loungeroom. We got it new, it's large and we really like it. Only problem is, it never really worked. I suppose there's nothing too unusual about that. It just never kept time. I don't sleep well with the ticking sound anyway, so we replaced the mechanism inside with a silent one. The mechanism was brand new, never used, but once again, the clock never kept accurate time. We put expensive batteries in it, we tried cheap ones. We went through whole packs. Eventually we gave up and just left the clock to it's own devices.

A while back Marty found a cheap plastic alarm clock at an op-shop he liked. He brought it home and it worked perfectly with the old battery in it. We kept it in the kitchen, but as we already have a clock in there, we moved it into the loungeroom. Oddly, soon after it was in the loungeroom (just below the big fancy clock, on the mantle) it stopped keeping correct time. We re-set it, but it back in the kitchen, and it's fine again!

Clocks don't like our front room. That's ok. We lived with that knowledge for.. well, it's been over a year.

Something else.. one night at around midnight, I was in the kitchen doing some dishes while Marty was asleep in the bedroom. He had an early start, and I figured I'd clean up a bit to make it easier for him in the morning. I suddenly heard the TV come on, very loud. Thinking that was odd, I walked into the loungeroom saying "Marty? Are you ok?" and when I got in there, Marty wasn't in there. He was still snoring in the bedroom! Not wanting Marty to be woken up, I grabbed the remote control to turn it off. Only, the remote wouldn't work. I pressed harder, still nothing.. figured the batteries must have died. So I went to the TV to hit the power button there. Still wouldn't work. By this stage I was starting to feel really creeped out, so I woke Marty and he tried the remote and TV power button as well. No luck.

Finally, I moved the cabinet a bit and reached down and turned the power off at the wall. That worked!

The next day, I used the remote to turn on and off the TV, and it worked just fine. Infact, we still havn't needed to change the batteries.

So, back to the clocks.. this is the really weird part. Thursday, the day the floor was finished, the little clock Marty bought finally needed it's battery replacing. So, after replacing it and resetting the time, I put it in the bedroom. Remembering I don't like the sound of clocks ticking while I sleep, I decided to try the mantle in the loungeroom again. As I turned around and looked up at the big clock I realised they had the same time on them. I thought, 'Wow, that's a coincidence!'

The next day, I noticed they both still showed the right time and it was then that Marty noticed it for the first time. He said it must be a coincidence. I just smiled. This morning when I woke, I heard Marty in the loungeroom saying "That's just creepy!". Yes, they're still showing the correct time.

So that's why I think the ghost is happy with the new floor. :)


  1. Your ghost story made me come over all shivery, I wish I could experience some thing like that.

  2. I love a good ghost story. Can I sleep in the lounge room when I come to visit? Mom

  3. Love a good ghost story. Better still when it is resolved. I had one in one of my houses - I moved out as clearly I was not welcome. Neither were the people who came after me or their successors. It is now used as a business, so presumably the last owners gave it up as a bad joke ...

  4. I'm thinking magnetic field possibly, or is that the science geek coming out in me?

  5. Back again, I was thinking more about my magnetic field theory, and it would be interesting to know if your house is sitting on rocks containing magnetic properties.

    Without the floor, it would allow magnetic interference with infra-red remotes and possibly even effect the charge from batteries. Not sure about switching on the tv though?

    Of course, with the floor in again, if there was anything running magnetic interference, it would be buffered against. Just a theory though, because the coincidence of events do seem to have a common theme - electrical discharge through battery power. :)

  6. Hi Chris, we considered something similar too, when the batteries in a couple of computers here died (a couple of years ago now I think). The area above where the clocks are (and tv is) hasn't changed at all since we moved in. The floor in that room is still concrete (dodgy concrete, but concrete all the same). They sit near a chimney and a fireplace which has cast iron in it, but otherwise there isn't any metal that we know of. I've put a compass over the rooms and the fireplace area and nothing odd happens. North is still north. :)

    Also, because we didn't get the clocks until after we had no floor in the other loungeroom, I can't say for sure that they would have worked properly with the original concrete there either.

    Strangely, they're still working now. I thought as soon as I said something about it, they'd stop again, and I'd feel really silly, but no.. they're still working!

  7. Maybe you uncovered a very deep grave and once it was covered back up, the spirit could back to it's eternal rest. I know I hate having the covers pulled off when I am asleep.