Sunday, October 16, 2011

No news is chook news

I really only have chook news to update you on today. There really hasn't been much else going on.

When I let the chooks into "our" yard, they almost always head straight for the pear tree. That can only be a good thing!

The last two weekends we've been at poultry auctions. Last weekend we came home with some Barnevelder eggs from our nice neighbour a couple of doors down. They're in the incubator as I type.

This weekend we came home with some Houdan eggs and a new member of the chooky family!

He's a beautiful looking Dorking rooster.

This evening he "flew the coop" so to speak, and perched on the handle of a bike in the shed. Thank goodness he didn't try and get up one of the big trees we have, or we'd be climbing up with him! We waited until dark before getting him, giving his flight feathers a quick trim and putting him in the chook pen with the girls. Hopefully he settles in and is a happy chap with all those girls to look after.

So, the Houdan eggs will go in the incubator on Tuesday when I candle the Barnevelder eggs for the first time, and who knows.. in 3 or 4 more weeks.. things could be pretty hectic around here!

We were thinking about this on the way home from the auction, and I said "Perhaps we'll get another broody hen by then.." and tonight it seems we have three. I really should be more careful what I wish for! :)

Until next time!

PS: I forgot to mention the snake!!

Yep, I did say snake. It's the very first time I've encountered a snake in a backyard before, and it was a beauty. I was hanging out the laundry (or bringing it in.. I can't remember), and I heard the chooks make their soft-alert noise. It's a gentle cluck that says "Something's not right here!". Usually this means a blue-tongue lizard has been spotted, so I went over and had a look.

Fully expecting to see a lovely lizard, I was shocked into squealing when I saw the snake. It was quite long, perhaps 2 meters (78in.) (maybe? we're still debating this), a copper brown colour and quite fast. I ran inside and told Marty. The chooks stood deadly still and just clucked their alert.

It headed up towards the house a little, but thankfully felt out of place in the short grass (I'm so glad I've been keeping on top of the mowing lately!), and headed back into chook territory.

It spooked us and the chooks for the rest of the afternoon, but it had gone for good and thankfully we havn't seen it since.


  1. What a lovely flock! I love Barnevelders! They are so pretty! If you end up with a rooster I might be keen to buy him (if you want to sell one that is!). We are upgrading our run due to a fox attack, but once thats done we will expand the flock. I don' think I could live without chooks any more!

  2. Sorry to hear about the fox Phoebe. I just found your blog and read the post about it. So sad!
    If we're lucky enough to get them hatched, I'd be happy to keep a boy for you! I know what you mean, chooks are VERY addictive. :)

  3. We sold our incubators when we decided we were going to move...somewhere smaller (we are both 76 yo now) but here we are still here after 12 months. I wish we still had one because we now have to rely on a clucky to hatch our eggs out and like you, we either don't have any or there are 4 sitting !!
    Your rooster is a very good looking young fellow. Once, quite a few years ago we went to a chook auction and paid TOO much (I think) for a Golden Australorp only to have a fox break in and bite its head off the very first night he was here. The darned creature didn't even eat any of him, just left him laying there in 2 pieces. We were so pleased to have acquired him for our "girls" and he didn't even have a chance to do the job with any of them. Needless to say, our chook yard is now a fortress !!
    Hope the snake problem stays away, they have a habit to hang about where they think there is a plentiful food supply.

  4. Glad to see you posting again. I love seeing the Chooks. Ugg on the snake. I know they are good for some things but I don't like them. Mom

  5. Have to say was wondering where you had got to. Glad to hear all is well and that is one fine looking rooster.

    Hens can gang up on and kill a snake if they are quick enough. But they can also be killed by a snake if they are silly enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    Keep up the mowing and make sure there is a fair bit of activity in the areas you don't want snakes to be ....

  6. Beautiful photo of your chooks. Love the colours as well.