Sunday, December 18, 2011

Who left the tap on?

It wasn't us! I swear! What looked like this in 2009 for example (and that was mid winter, and we thought it was a lot of water!!) looked like this a few minutes ago..

We had a little rain, yep. 74.4mm (or 2.92 inches) in about 4 hours. That's more than double our average December rainfall in just a few hours! We took the pictures a little after we'd made sure the chooks were safe and dry, and we helped the water get through their pen as quickly as possible.

The area behind our land is a council owned drain, and while it was generally working, it was over-full and overwhelmed.

You can see the chip-bark had been washed away by the force of the water earlier. Thankfully the chooks were smart enough to stay inside their house until the worst was over.

Staying dry

The water pushed everything aside, but thankfully the concrete slab was slightly higher than the water level up here. The water was in a hurry to get past anyway.

After the worst had passed

Thankfully it didn't take too long after the rain settled down for the water to drain away. It was almost like someone opened up a flood gate downstream somewhere.

So that was our excitement for the day. No.. make that for the year. :)


  1. Goodness! At least you were around to help it along!

  2. Oh boy, those images bring back memories. We had a lot of Council spoon drains in our area too, which just couldn't cope with the deluge of water. It had to go somewhere and it just entered people's yards.

    It was a great lesson afterwards however on how to mitigate water flow. We built up small embankments to direct the flow away from areas they could cause damage, and planted lots of Lomandra Longifolia grass, to take the energy out of the fast flowing water.

    Our chickens in both coops had the sense to keep out of the water, but only one of the coops had it come through. Luckily they had really high perches.

    I'm glad everyone is safe and the water didn't cause too much damage. :)